Russel Schmidt, Family Lawyer, Edmonton Lawyer

Russel Schmidt

Family Law Lawyer

Russel Schmidt

Russel grew up in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, and moved to Edmonton in 2010 to for law school. He graduated from the University of Alberta in 2013 and was called to the bar in 2014.

He is based out of the Edmonton office of Kahane Family Law. He practices exclusively in the area of Family Law and concentrates primarily in helping his clients reach out of court solutions to issues such as parenting, child and spousal support, parenting and property. He is an experienced mediator and a registered collaborative family law lawyer.

However, Russel understands that sometimes a dispute can be resolved only through court. In the courtroom he is an effective advocate with substantial litigation experience.

He spent the first 4 years of his practice exclusively in Criminal Law, where he represented clients at all levels of court in Alberta, as well as in the BC Supreme Court, Provincial Court of British Columbia and the Provincial Court of Saskatchewan.

He has learned through his litigation experience that the best way for clients to resolve a legal dispute usually is outside the courtroom. He views litigation as a last resort to reach a resolution.

As a result of his experience in both Criminal and Family Law, Russel receives numerous referrals from both the Crown prosecutor’s office and the criminal defence bar. He has considerable experience with Family Law files where one (or both) spouses face criminal charges. Russel prides himself in his ability to resolve these matters without the need for further court involvement.

Russel joined Kahane Law Office (Edmonton) for the opportunity to work with Evan Clarke and build an innovative law practice that delivers high quality legal services. Russel enjoys finding software tools and repurposing them to provide efficient, affordable, creative and valuable solutions to his clients’ family law needs.

Russel spends most of his spare time as a human play structure for his two young daughters.