Wills Lawyers and Estate Lawyers In Edmonton

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Edmonton Estate Planning Lawyers

The Edmonton estate planning lawyers at Kahane Law Office are here to give you peace of mind. Estate planning lets you have your wishes followed, protect your beneficiaries and prepare for physical or mental incapacity. We know and respect that your needs are personal, individual and there may be sensitivities surrounding family members.

Edmonton Estate Planning Services

The Edmonton estate planning services offered by Kahane Law Office’s Edmonton location, includes wills and estates lawyers who protect you and your family with:

Wills: An Essential Edmonton Estate Planning Lawyers Service

Wills allow you to decide on the person you trust to manage your estate. Our Edmonton estate planning lawyers also allow you to decide who inherits your assets on your passing. In Edmonton, our Edmonton wills lawyers know this process is often emotional and complicated, not to mention confusing. Our wills and estates team prides themselves on extensive knowledge and ability to help outline and simplify the will drafting process for you. In addition, our wills lawyers make it easy for you to prepare your will, set up a testamentary trust, complete estate planning, review any existing will you have, update the will you have in place with a codicil, or, lastly answer your questions concerning wills or holographic wills.

In order to further help, please find additional information here on:

Our Edmonton wills lawyers have the knowledge to help you. Click on this link to learn more information on wills.

Personal Directives

A personal directive, advanced medical directive or advanced care planning allows for someone you pick to make important decisions about you and your health and well being. This ability only starts if you lose your mental capacity. In these documents, you decide from a vast array of decision making powers to give. For example, these include what medical treatment or medicine you will or will not receive, to the activities open to your participation,  and even where you live. If you lose your mental capacity without having a personal directive, someone needs to apply to the courts for a guardianship order. Edmonton estate planning lawyers help avoid this situation.

Power of Attorneys

These pages contain information on the different varieties of Power of Attorneys. For example, these varieties include general, enduring, specific and durable POAs. Our Edmonton POA lawyers help you to understand all of the risks and the benefits of each type of Power of Attorney. We, therefore, also assist in picking the best POA for you and your personal situation.


In Alberta, when anyone with real property (land, a home or condo) or other significant assets who passes away with a will in place, the Estate of the deceased is required to apply for a Grant of Probate. The grant of probate establishes the validity of the will. When probating Alberta estates, our Edmonton wills and estate lawyers work together with our Edmonton probate lawyers to help you with all aspects this process. We understand and work with you through this emotional time. Please learn more information about the probate process here. In addition, we also assist with the Alberta probate when a will exists (whether probated or not) in another province.

Letters of Administration (Intestate – Passing Without a Will)

Much like the probate process, letters of administration or grant of administration determines who administers an estate and who inherits the estate when there is no will. The process is similar to probate and Edmonton estate planning lawyers are here to help you. Learn more about dealing with an estate where there is no will here.

Estate Administration

Estate administration includes, for example, finalizing all aspects of a person’s estate. As a part of the estate administration process, a person must account for and distribute all of the assets of the person’s estate, the of the estate’s debts and, lastly, payout to the beneficiaries. Many executors decide to retain estate administration lawyers to administer the estate and the estate finalizing process for them.

Edmonton Estate Litigation Lawyers

Lastly, Kahane Law Office’s civil litigation lawyers help estates and beneficiaries with situations where the parties to an estate dispute a will or in a disinheritance. We act for the individual contesting the will or, at other times, defend the estate if when challenged. To this end we act for the disinherited individual, the beneficiaries, the executor(s) and, lastly, the estate administrators. Learn more information surrounding estate and estate litigation with this link.

Many misunderstanding around estates exist. The Alberta law dealing with wills and estate administration changed several years ago. The Wills and Succession Act was proclaimed by the government in Alberta on February 1, 2012. This new and revised law incorporates substantial changes surrounding the areas of wills and estates in Alberta.

Lastly, for more information in video format please watch our video on Wills, Enduring Power of Attorneys, and Probate. Click here for our video on wills packages.

Edmonton Estate Planning Services: Flat Rate Fees

We understand that making final decisions is hard. Our Edmonton Estate Planning Services use a flat rate fee billing system for our wills and estates services. This means we take the time needed to help you through the process from start to finish. Most important, this allows you to know exactly what you pay, with no surprises or hidden costs, before you our estate lawyers. Call 403-225-8810 or email us with this link to connect right away.