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Buying, selling or refinancing your home can be stressful. Kahane Law Office In Edmonton offers real estate law-related services to help ease the stress. Real estate law is also referred to as real property law. As Edmonton real estate lawyers we pride ourselves being able to simplify and explain the process. We are a residential real estate law firm that cares. Call our Edmonton office, located just off Whyte Avenue, today at (780) 571-8463 for help.

Lawyers To Help You Understand Edmonton Real Estate Law

Our Edmonton real estate lawyers believe educating our clients is critical. By explaining and informing you of your options, and the legal consequences of your choices, we empower you to make better decisions. To help you understand real estate law, we provide legal information at no charge. The Kahane Law website, for example, has resources related to real estate law, such as Understanding Registrations On Your Land Title. Have questions? Call us anytime. And be sure to check out the videos below:

Real Estate Legal Services We Offer

Edmonton Real Estate Lawyers For Residential Real Estate

Aside from the purchase, sale or refinancing of a home, we offer real estate services including assistance with:

  • Title dower releases, transfers, builder’s liens (both filing and defending against liens) and review of Real Property Reports;
  • Understanding land titles search results;
  • Drafting agreements charging land, including caveat filings and promissory notes;
  • Reviewing, drafting and registering all documents the Land Titles Office requires;
  • Transferring land ownership. Learn more about title transfers here.We can also fix or change your land title registered address on your existing title, if needed;
  • Drafting and reviewing Agreements for Sale (or Rent-to-Own Agreements), residential and commercial leases, and rental agreements; and lastly
  • Transferring land titles to surviving joint tenants under a right of survivorship. Call now for a free evaluation to see if this is an applicable process for you. Alternatively, probate allows for the sale or transfer of a home.

Commercial Real Estate Law

Though they’re similar to residential transactions, commercial transactions have very different legal aspects. Kahane Law commercial real estate lawyers can help with a wide range of transactions, including dispositions, acquisitions, financing, leasing and more. Hit the following link to learn more about our commercial law firm services.

Construction Mortgages

Avoid delays with your construction mortgages by working with us. Our construction financing and mortgage lawyers help with all aspects of construction mortgages, from creating the mortgage documents to financing the last draw.

Commercial Lease Law

Kahane Law has experience acting for a wide range of business and all kinds of buildings. Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, our team of commercial lawyers can help you with your real estate law needs. Hit this link to read more about our commercial leases services related to commercial leases .

Manufactured Homes & Mobile Homes

Our mobile home lawyers represent people buying and selling mobile homes. Sometimes, the home sits on titled property and, other times, the home is on a rented pad. We also help current owners refinance their existing mobile home, and we assist with mobile home lease reviews and drafting. If you own a mobile home park, our experience extends legal issues specific to an owner.

Mortgage Refinancing

We help both borrowers and lenders with mortgage financing. A mortgage refinance is when a person replaces existing financing on their home or, if no mortgage sits on title, places a new mortgage to access equity in their home. The Kahane Law team regularly assists clients with both commercial and residential mortgages. Read more about mortgage refinancing here.

Rental Properties For Landlords & Tenants

In addition to the usual factors involved with buying or selling a residential home, rental properties often involve many different types of legal issues. Hit the link to read more about the purchase or sale of residential rental properties in Alberta.

Bridge / Interim Financing

An important part of Edmonton real estate law when buying and selling a home. Also called interim financing or a bridge loan, bridge financing represents equity in a client’s existing home – which can then help buy a home before the existing home sale is completed. When the existing home is sold, the proceeds from the sale pay off the bridge loan. Kahane Law real estate lawyers routinely help clients with bridge financing.

Private Financial Lending

We act for borrowers and lenders, but never for both in the same transaction. Private lending means borrowing funds, in this case secured against real estate, where the funding comes from a company or private individual. If you’re a borrower who needs independent legal advice in a private lending situation, we can help.

Real Estate Law Litigation

Should any problems come up during or after the completion of your real estate transaction, including breaches of the real estate contract, our real estate law firm’s litigation department is knowledgeable and skilled in real estate law litigation. Our lawyers also can handle foreclosure actions. In these situations, we can act for a borrower or a lender.

Transactions Occurring Out Of Town

If you’re buying or selling a home outside of Alberta or Canada, the Edmonton real estate law team at Kahane Law Office provides notary services. We can also prepare documents for clients who are buying or selling property in Alberta but are currently out of the province or country. Because we are real estate law professionals in Alberta, we are not permitted to give legal advice about other provinces or countries. Lastly, as an Acceptance Agent for the IRS, we can even help you receive an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) for the US.

Management Companies & Condominium Boards

Lastly, Kahane Law is a full-service firm and, as such, we can meet all your management company’s, or condominium board’s, legal needs. Our condominium lawyers understand – and can help with – all aspects of real estate law, as it relates to condos. If you are a condo owner and have a legal dispute with your condo board, we can represent you. Read more about our condominium-specific legal issues here.

Kahane Edmonton Real Estate Law Team

Kahane Law has an experienced team of real estate lawyers and legal assistants to service clients in Edmonton, and we assist buyers and sellers of both residential and commercial properties. We even have  Cantonese-speaking real estate lawyers, if you prefer legal services in Cantonese.

We help facilitate real estate transactions at every stage, from the initial real estate contract drafting and review to possession. In addition, we can also prepare and mange mortgage documents from your lender, and we can prepare and even review vendor take-back mortgages, as required. If you’re refinancing an existing mortgage, we can expedite the process to ensure you receive funds properly and on time. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Learn more about our Edmonton real estate lawyers.

Hiring Edmonton Real Estate Law Lawyers

When you hire a Kahane Law lawyer for Edmonton real estate law involving the sale, purchase or refinancing of your home, we charge a flat rate with no hidden fees. Our flat rate fees mean you know what you’ll be charged at the beginning of the transaction. For more information about real estate legal fees in Alberta, head here. You can also read more about our flat rate fees. Get in touch with us today. We can be reached in Edmonton at (780) 571-8463 or toll-free at 1-877-225-8817, or you can email us directly. We’re happy to provide a quick reply to your email, along with any information you may need.